Wednesday, 26 September 2012

*Guest post* My brother Mats' Top 100!

Mat Clarke- Top 100 Favorite Films of All Time

As the brother of GregglesOnFilm, I think we can all expect a very similar list from Mat. In some cases, this is true, but then of course, there is his love of 'B' movies...

100 The ninth gate
99 Tokyo gore police
98 Saw
97 stir crazy
96 princess blade
95 the freshman
94 city of the lost children
93 tromeo and juliet
92 restless natives
91 moulin rouge
90 mary shelly's frankenstien
89 ai artificial intelligence
88 ferris beullers day off
87 little miss sunshine
86 beetlejuice
85 the planet of the apes
84 class of nuke em high
83 woochie the demon slayer
82 the lost boys
81 the count of monte cristo
80 an american werewolf in london
79 from dusk till dawn
78 run lola run
77 batman (burton)
76 a beautiful mind
75 so i married an axe murderer
74 shaun of the dead
73 inglorious basterds
72 kill bill
71 a nightmare on elm street 3
70 the hills have eyes
69 orphan
68 azumi
67 Halloween ( remake)
66 joe versus the volcano
65 oliver
64 turner and hooch
63 Jurassic park
62 little shop of horrors
61 tucker and dale vs evil
60 the gods must be crazy
59 forest gump
58 ginger snaps
57 pricless
56 bill and teds excellent adventure
55 kalifornia
54 flight of the navigator
53 seven
52 the descent
51 pink floyd's the wall
50 sweeney todd 
49 the labyrinth
48 the young piosoners handbook
47 ringu
46 withnail and i
45 willy wonka and the chocolate factory
44 hard candy
43 big
42 watchmen
41 the nightmare before christmas
40 the texas chainsaw massacre
39 brazil
38 see no evil hear no evil
37 district 13
36 the wizard of oz
35 american history x
34 back to the future
33 mad max
32 leon 
31 pulp fiction
30 bonnie and Clyde
29 gremlins
28 young Frankenstein
27 the rocky horror picture show
26 the shining
25 the green mile
24 e.t the extra terrestrial 
23 mad max 2
22 v for vendetta
21 the time machine
20 Halloween
19 stand by me
18 pans labyrinth
17 the lord of the rings trilogy
16 friday the 13th
15 the crow
14 the elephant man
13 life of Brian
12 the dark knight
11 a nightmare on elm street
10 another you
9 oldboy
8 Amelie
7 the silence of the lambs
6 the shawshank redemption
5 one flew over the cuckoos nest
4 true romance
3 oh brother where art thou
2 sin city
1 natural born killers

B- movies a-plenty, but also a load of really varied, brilliant stuff here, alot of which i would also say were films i am extremely fond of. Interesting to see Halloween AND the recent remake in the list. Great job bro!  

Monday, 24 September 2012

*Guest Post* Toms Top 101 Films!


So, after compiling my own list of my top 101 films of all time, I challenged a friend of mine to do his.

I must say, he has come up with a very interesting selection. Eclectic, and certainly widespread in terms of origin, genre and style. I have seen 68 of his 101 listed here, so I have some catching up to do.

Here's the list.

101. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985 dir. Woody Allen)
100. Metropolis (1927 dir. Fritz Lang)
99. Good Will Hunting (1997 dir. Gus Van Sant)
98. Jurassic Park (1993 dir. Steven Spielberg)
97. All About My Mother (1999 dir. Pedro Almodovar)
96. The Silence of the Lambs (1991 dir. Jonathan Demme)
95. Dead Man (1995 dir. Jim Jarmusch)
94. The Graduate (1967 dir Mike Nichols)
93. Blue Velvet (1986 dir. David Lynch)
92. City Lights (1931 dir. Charlie Chaplin)
91. Rear Window (1954 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
90. An American Werewolf in London (1981 dir. John Landis)
89. The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1988 dir. Philip Kaufman)
88. In The Mood For Love (2000 dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
87. Days of Heaven (1978 dir. Terrence Malick)
86. There Will Be Blood (2007 dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
85. Unforgiven (1992 dir. Clint Eastwood)
84. Donnie Darko (2001 dir. Richard Kelly)
83. The Third Man (1949 dir. Carol Reed)
82. The Departed (2006 dir. Martin Scorsese)
81. The Apartment (1960 dir. Billy Wilder)
80. The Big Lebowski (1998 dir. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen)
79. Talk To Her (2002 dir. Pedro Almodovar)
78. Ikiru (1952 dir. Akira Kurosawa)
77. RoboCop (1987 dir. Paul Verhoeven)
76. Mauvais Sang (1986 dir. Leos Carax)
75. OldBoy (2003 dir. Park Chan-Wook)
74. A Clockwork Orange (1971 dir. Stanley Kubrick)
73. Morvern Callar (2002 dir. Lynne Ramsay)
72. Annie Hall (1977 dir. Woody Allen)
71. Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid (1973 dir. Sam Peckinpah)
70. Superman: The Movie (1978 dir. Richard Donner)
69. Fargo (1996 dir. Joel Coen and Ethan Coen)
68. West Side Story (1961 dir. Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise)
67. 8 ½ (1963 dir. Federico Fellini)
66. Trainspotting (1995 dir. Danny Boyle)
65. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964 dir. Jacques Demy)
64. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977 dir. Steven Spielberg)
63. Alien (1979 dir. Ridley Scott)
62. Lost In Translation (2003 dir. Sofia Coppola)
61. Swingers (1997 dir. Doug Liman)
60. Spirited Away (2001 dir. Hayao Miyazaki)
59. Psycho (1960 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
58. Airplane! (1980 dir. Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker)
57. Stalker (1979 dir. Andrey Tarkovsky)
56. Halloween (1977 dir. John Carpenter)
55. Toy Story (1995 dir. John Lassetter)
54. Jaws (1975 dir. Steven Spielberg)
53. Akira (1988 dir. Katsuhiro Ohtomo)
52. Raging Bull (1980 dir. Martin Scorsese)
51. Three Colours: Blue (1993 dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski)
50. WALL.E (2008 dir. Andrew Stanton)
49. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas (1998 dir. Terry Gilliam)
48. Batman (1989 dir. Tim Burton)
47. Tokyo Story (1953 dir. Yasujito Ozu)
46. Vertigo (1958 dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
45. GoodFellas (1990 dir. Martin Scorsese)
44. L.A. Confidential (1997 dir. Curtis Hanson)
43. Amores Perros (2000 dir. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu)
42. Breaking The Waves (1996 dir. Lars Von Trier)
41. Apocalypse Now (1979 dir. Frances Ford Coppola)
40. My Own Private Idaho (1991 dir. Gus Van Sant)
39. Heat (1995 dir. Michael Mann)
38. The Straight Story (1999 dir. David Lynch)
37. Fantasia (1940 dir. Various)
36. Happy Together (1997 dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
35. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975 dir. Milos Forman)
34. Lawrence of Arabia (1962 dir. David Lean)
33. The Seven Samurai (1954 dir. Akira Kurosawa)
32. JFK (1992 dir. Oliver Stone)
31. Stand By Me (1986 dir. Rob Reiner)
30. Fight Club (1999 dir. David Fincher)
29. La Dolce Vita (1960 dir. Federico Fellini)
28. 25th Hour (2002 dir. Spike Lee)
27. Magnolia (1999 dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
26. Evil Dead II (1987 dir. Sam Raimi)
25. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 dir. Steven Spielberg)
24. Amadeus (1984 dir. Milos Forman)
23. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966 dir. Sergio Leone)
22. The Shining (1980 dir. Stanley Kubrick)
21. Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf (1991 dir. Leos Carax)
20. The Thin Red Line (1998 dir. Terrence Malick)
19. The Motorcycle Diaries (2004 dir. Walter Salles)
18. Ghostbusters (1984 dir. Ivan Reitman)
17. Amelie (2001 dir. Jean Pierre-Jeunet)
16. Blade Runner (1982 dir. Ridley Scott)
15. Chungking Express (1994 dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
14. Do The Right Thing (1989 dir. Spike Lee)
13. The Godfather Part II (1974 dir. Francis Ford Coppola)
12. Almost Famous (2000 dir. Cameron Crowe)
11. Mulholland Drive (2001 dir. David Lynch)
10. Pulp Fiction (1994 dir. Quentin Tarantino)
09. Into The Wild (2007 dir. Sean Penn)
08. The Godfather (1972 dir. Francis Ford Coppola)
07. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968 dir. Stanley Kubrick)
06. Once Upon A Time In America (1984 dir. Sergio Leone)
05. E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (1982. dir. Steven Spielberg)
04. Taxi Driver (1976 dir. Martin Scorsese)
03. Paris, Texas (1984 dir. Wim Wenders)
02. Manhattan (1979 dir. Woody Allen)
01. Once Upon A Time In The West (1968 dir. Sergio Leone)

Looking down the list I was surprised and pleased to see stuff like Robocop and Ghostbusters, glad to see Tim Burtons' 'Batman' and Mike Nichols' classic, 'The Graduate', and very pleased to see my favorite film,  'The Godfather', in the Top Ten.

Very cool list Tom, no obvious stinkers that I can see, and a wonderful Number 1. Had I seen Once Upon A Time In The West before making my list, it would almost certainly have made an appearance somewhere in my top 101.

Any more friends who think they might be up to the challenge of publishing their list? Send it to me here, or on facebook, and I will happily post it up and-good or ill- give you my opinion...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Searching for Sugar Man (2012)

12A 86 min  -  Documentary - Dir Malik Bendjelloul

Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan, Sixto Rodriguez, Simon and Garfunkel.

One of these peeps is doing their own thing, one of these acts is not quite the same.
Of these 60's/70's folk singers with a 'message', one stands out.
Yes, I know Baez is the only woman, but no, closet sexists among us.
Step forward Sixto Rodriguez, forgotten star of the folk legends hall of fame.
Forgotten may even be too kind a word. Unknown is closer to the truth.

Except in South Africa, that is...

In late 60's Detroit, Rodriguez was spotted playing and singing in a bar, with his back to the audience.

This documentary sets out to discover the truth about what really happened to Rodriguez. Most people knew one thing-that he killed himself onstage. Doused himself in petrol and lit himself up. No. Finished his set, pulled out a gun and blew his brains out. No? There is quite some mystery surrounding the exact circumstances of his death, so much so, that you couldn't find a single witness who actually saw it happen. 

This is a twisty-turny affair, and one of those jaw-dropping documentaries that will serve to inform and surprise in equal measure. 

Of upmost importance of course is the music. And Rodriguez was bloody good. A large selection of his 2 and a bit albums is represented here, and every track is eminently hummable at the very least. Some you might say are on a par with the contemporaries listed at the top. 

As well as good tunes and a cracking TRUE story, there is some wonderful footage of the man himself to enjoy, giving a flavour of the natural 'real deal' talent of Rodriguez. 

Do yourself a favour, watch this film with absolutely as little info on its subject as possible, as I did. You will be rewarded tenfold in terms of mouth gapery twists and 'telling' tales.

 4 Fassbenders out of 5